The Unthinkable is a strategy & creative consultancy founded and lead by award-winning creative director Timo Kiuru.

The Unthinkable consists of an international network of designers, producers, strategists, artists, writers and other creative professionals.

The Unthinkable is not an agency. We are connected with passion for creativity & quality, and are able to scale from small to huge projects. At the same time we’re truly business-driven.

In this time and age most brands are simply boring. However at best the interaction between loved brands and customers can represent the most popular pop-culture.

Our dream is to start an international movement to inspire people. To make someone’s day and to further express our gratitude for being able to do so. We dream of making marketing campaigns that are as beautiful as pieces of art, and catalyze business performance.

We believe it’s possible to change the world a bit by changing the way we perceive business and marketing communications. Focus on the people that are important to you and act on it.